Video Seminar Live has been a lifesaver for us. During our website development we have needed to communicate with our developers, project managers and marketing people every night.
Video Seminar Live is easy to use and very cost effective. I was up and running in no time and I didn't even have to read a manual! The variety of features are impressive and the real

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Distance Learning

Fast becoming a standard for the educational system in the world because it instantly connects people from all walks of life without boundaries.


Distance learning is one of the strongest trends in 21st century higher education. Today students enrolled in online college programs receive academic instruction and job training from accredited colleges—without ever visiting a campus. Communication is speedy, as students and instructors use video conferencing of webinars, to discuss course material and work through problems. Students take exams and quizzes online, receiving immediate feedback on their performance.


This new wave of technology is quickly changing the face of education and learning worldwide. Video Seminar Live is one of the pioneers in developing feature rich tools for distant learning.


During a presentation of our system with major university, the head IT officer at the school stopped us midway through our presenation and said this:

"If our current system worked as easily and had as many features as your system has (we weren't even done yet), our professors, assistants and faculty would actually use it."