Video Seminar Live has been a lifesaver for us. During our website development we have needed to communicate with our developers, project managers and marketing people every night.
Video Seminar Live is easy to use and very cost effective. I was up and running in no time and I didn't even have to read a manual! The variety of features are impressive and the real

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  Dr. Robyn Catagnus
“Before finding "Video Seminar Live," we had a terrible time with online conferencing systems.
Many systems were outrageously priced... Others were affordable but did not have the features we needed. We tried several different options, only to discover that the components of many other systems simply did not work.
What should have been simple (locating a great web conferencing tool) turned out to be a frustrating and annoying process.
VSL solved my problems in price, features, and functionality. It is simple enough for all of my clients to use and I love it.
Also, the technical support is great and fast!"

-Dr. Robyn Catagnus

  New Thought Management
“"Video Seminar Live has opened the door to a new world of cost-effective innovation for growing my business consulting company. In addition to conducting "free" 30-minute consultations and other meetings with clients, Video Seminar Live enables our company to make valuable content on business management and entrepreneurism available online at an affordable price.""

-Anthony D. Parnell, President

  Central Washington University
“Video Seminar Live is easy to use and very cost effective. I was up and running in no time and I didn’t even have to read a manual! The variety of features are impressive and the real time technical support for those rare times I needed it have allowed our meetings to run smoothly and on time. My colleagues across the state and the nation have been very impressed with the quality of the meetings we have facilitated whether they were professional development focused or if we were reviewing and editing power point presentations. VSL is a great, cost effective solution and their support and service has been exceptional.”

-Gail Farmer
Washington State College Coalition For Substance Abuse Prevention


  Biz Calling Cards.com
" I researched numerous other video conferencing technologies before and have signed up and went with at least 7-8 they all had something we really needed… but when I came across Video Seminar Live, I was blown away. Finally we found everything we needed in one spot! Video Seminar Live is simply the best multipoint web based video conferencing system out there, As a result of this technology, our need to travel has been greatly reduced, which has already saved us thousands of dollars." Video Seminar Live allows us to hosts meetings, presentations and trainings over the web- in REAL TIME and to top it off if someone misses the meeting they can watch the exact webinar meeting at the later date. I am so excited we came across Video Seminar Live.”
Julie Curley
Director of Operations,
Biz Calling Cards.com
  L-Systems, LLC
"I have used VideoSeminarLive for about two months and have closed 11 orders with the aid of VSL. In the price/performance category, this solution beats similar collaboration tools such as Webex and GoToMeeting hands down.

VSL is very intuitive...during the trial period I was up and running in about 5 minutes. Some of the key features, at least for me:

--Users "own" their presentation accounts. After you've initially registered, you save your Account Manager page in a Favorites folder and just pick a presentation from the list you've pre-loaded. This saves a lot of time compared to other approaches which require you to upload a slide deck each time you send webcast invitations to a particular audience. Attendees join in via invite URL previously sent, or, for an instant webcast, you read the URL to your audience (by phone) which they paste into their browser, and you're off.

--The personal video option allows you to create a live window of the presenter during the webcast. This definitely increases attention and interaction on the part of the audience. Attendees I've talked with have said that they gain as much mindshare as if I'd been there in person (but without the travel expense).

I would recommend VSL to any organization who is customer-facing, wants a very reasonably priced collaboration tool and who wants to achieve a high return on investment."
-Pete Lessere
President and CEO
L-Systems, LLC.
“Video Seminar Live has been a lifesaver for us. During our website development we have needed to communicate with our developers, project managers and marketing people every night. VSL has given us a forum to meet each night even though we live in 4 states. VSL is reliable, simple to use and inexpensive. Thanks for such a great product.”
Scott Sandberg
VP General Manager
  Amway Global Independent Business Owners

“After long research we chose VideoSeminarLive for many reasons...There is no need to download or install any software to attend a live session; the interface is very easy to navigate and understad; uploading the presentations is easy, but most of all because the "recording" feature. Having a group of distributors in every time zone in the US is very helpful for us to give/dictate a live seminar, record it and then send an email with the link so that every one can watch the recorded version. Some times we post the link of the recorded seminar in our page and with just two clicks the movie starts right away. It really surprised us how fast the group of distributors "adopted" this new technology.

We as leaders of our team figured out that a live seminar was a fantastic way to communicate with them. VideoSeminarLive came to our lives in a moment of lots of changes with our mother company and has really worked out as a way of maintaining a two way communication with all of our group of sales people. At the end of every session we have a "fun poll" just to relax and have fun. Do you REALLY eat the cherries on top of the fruit cakes? 80% Don´t. Who is more brave? Superman, Batman, Spider man or Chuck Norris. 100% Chuck Norris. When is Chirstmas turkey better? On Christmas eve or after being re-heated: Reheated. The "private" chat feature is also very useful to "say" something you want to keep private. The password protection for the sessions to protect the recordings is safer than posting a video, say in youtube and be exposed not knowing/controlling who is hearing the tips and strategies you are giving to your team. The viewers report is also useful and has been a great way to "capture" the emails of those who are more likely to be watching video seminars. THe screen sharing feature has also been very helpful to illustrate a point in the middle of a session. The "exit" web page is also very helpful so every one can be redirected to an specific web page after the meeting is over. Last but not least..... the support staff who is always on the other side of the keyboard, even on sundays helping me how to master the art of being a good host.”

Alberto Mayogitia