Video Seminar Live has been a lifesaver for us. During our website development we have needed to communicate with our developers, project managers and marketing people every night.
Video Seminar Live is easy to use and very cost effective. I was up and running in no time and I didn't even have to read a manual! The variety of features are impressive and the real

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Video Library
1. What is Video Conferencing?
Length: 3:23
Description: Complete Description of what Video Conferencing is and how to maximize on the potential.
2. Webinars
Length: 1:19
Description: The most powerful webinar platform around. Don't let your customers GoToSleep...engange them. You'll see what we mean.
3. Webinar Hosting
Length: 2:21
Description: Webinar Hosting made easy. Video Webinars estabish credibility as well as enganging events. You won't believe how many features we have loaded into our system.
4. Hosting Your 1st Meeting/Webinar - Quick Walkthrough
Length: 2:39
Description: Let us walk you through hosting your first meeting. You won't believe how easy this is. No tech geek required!
5. Why Use Video Conferencing?
Length: 0:54
Description: See why Video Conferencing is quickly becoming the standard practice. Save time, money, and be more effective.
6. Choosing a Video Conferencing Provider
Length: 2:14

What features are important to you?

With VideoSeminarLive, you don't have to choose, you get them all: PowerPoint Sharing, Desktop Sharing, PDF Sharing, Excel Sharing, Interactive Polls, Live Video and More...

7. Webinar Tools & Webinars for Marketing
Length: 3:48
Description: With all of these features don't be surprised if your business takes off. Let us show you how to capitalize.
8. Money Saving Tips. Go Green and Save Some Green!
Length: 3:50
Description: During times like these, saving money is crucial. Learn how this tool helps you and everyone around you!
9. Create Your First Presentation
Length: 4:17
Description: Time to get going. Start delivering the best webinar or hosting a video conference by creating your first session. We'll walk you right through each step here.
10. Recording a Webinar and/or Video Conference
Length: 1:34
Description: Recording your session is easy. The recording feature is built-in and ready to go. Record your session and post it on your website or email it. Powerful and effective.
11. Content Manager
Description: Do you have more than one file you use during a presentation? No problem! Upload all of your files into your account and they will be accessible in every room that you create. Easily switch between PowerPoints, PDF's, Word Docs, ExVideos and more!
12. Registration Manager
Description: Easily invite all of your guests, gather valuable pre-meeting information and know exactly who will be attending your event. All built-in and simple to use.
13. PayPal Plugin for Paid Webinars
Description: Need an easy way to charge for your event? We have builit it right in with our PayPal Plugin. You set the price, they pay the fee and it all goes directly into your account. Online events just got a whole lot easier!
14. Annotation/Whiteboard Tool
Description: Need to highlight something, explain by drawing or just point to something? The whiteboard tool gives you all the meeting features you have ever hoped for. Easily draw using your mouse, give others the control or allow everyone to draw.
15. Detailed, Step-by-Step Training Part 1
Length: 9:53
Description: Getting Started, Access Your Account, Setup and Create Your 1st Meeting. Upload PowerPoint and Send Invite.
16. Detailed, Step-by-Step Training Part 2
Length: 9:51
Description: Start the Session/Meeting. Manage the Participants and Presenters. A Few Meeting Features, Settings, and Tools.
17. Detailed, Step-by-Step Training Part 3
Length: 9:56
Description: Expand the Video Window. More Features, Flexibility of the System. Privacy, Audio Chat, Mute, Slides.
18. Detailed, Step-by-Step Training Part 4
Length: 9:59
Description: Pointer, WhiteBoard, Load Content in a Meeting. Screen Sharing, Polling and Polling Management.
19. Detailed, Step-by-Step Training Part 5
Length: 4:53
Description: Video Source and Options. Connection Settings. Sound, Lock Screen Display, Recording, Sending URL to Audience.
20. High Quality Video & Webcast Option
Length: 1:15
Description: Check out the Quality of that video! Looking to customize or brand the meeting room? Now you can with our webcast option.

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