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Introducing VideoSeminarLive

VideoSeminarLive is a 100% browser based Video & Web Conferencing company. Simplifying technology and putting the power in your hands with Presentation Sharing, Interactive Whiteboard, Multiple Live Video feeds, Event Registration, 24/7 on demand unlimited use & much more..

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Evaluating Video & Web Conferencing?

This simple STARTER'S GUIDE will walk you through the most common questions about Video & Web Conferencing. Don't make a costly "No Guarantee" or long term contract decision before you know the facts. This guide is a MUST READ for any person or company looking to begin Video & Web Conferencing.

Did you know?

  • Is very easy to use
  • Is very reliable and secure
  • Works with a standard broadband connection
  • Is becoming the standard in communication
  • Uses equipment you already own

What you will learn in the Starter's Guide:

  • How does Video Conferencing Work?
  • What are the Benefits of Video Conferencing?
  • Is it Reliable?
  • What are the Top 10 mistakes to avoid when purchasing?
  • What are the Costs?
  • What bandwidth is required?
  • Is it easy to install and use?
  • What type of equipment will we need?

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